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90’s Charisma

90’s Charisma is an all girl band formed in the year 2016. The band comprises of three vocalists Khrielasanuo Linyü, Chubamenla Imsong and Thejangunuo Tehrüja. The band first started their journey by recording their school music album for two consecutive years.  Before forming the band, all three preformed individually for various events and programs. Not forgetting their love for Christ.  They took active parts at their church ministry.  Though their friendship is distant in terms of their careers, music has always proved to be the heart of what binds them as one.

90 Charisma - 01

Their first original “Start all over” composed by vocalist and keyboardist Thejangunuo, kick started their passion to form a band. The meaning behind the name “90’s Charisma ” is drafted by the idea that all three were born in the 90’s and “Charisma ” indicates their fun loving nature as friends.

90 Charisma - 03