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Alobo Naga’s KINI review


by Yanpvuo Kikon, founder of

Alobo Naga is an artist who managed to defy the conventional odds of breaking cultural barriers in one of the world’s most diverse country, India and rise to become undeniably one of the most popular artist from North-East India. From breaking tour records by an artist to raising money for good causes and landing up in Rashtrapati Bhavan to meet with the President of India and even appointed as a ambassador for the clean India campaign ‘Swachh Bharat’. Besides being an artist, Alobo has also opened his own music school in Dimapur – Musik-A, all geared to produce a new musical generation.

Hailing from a region which had been synonymous with political conflicts, economic uncertainty and social unrest, the people and the youths in particular turned to new age radicals and renaissance men like Alobo Naga who became a torch bearer not just for musicians but the youths emitting hope, inspiration and a fresh new breeze of good vibes.

KINI meaning ‘ Number Two’ in Sumi Naga dialect is the latest album released by Alobo generously offering twelve original tracks all packed into a very ingeniously packaged album comprising of not just the music but add-ons like merchandise, photo album, album booklet and videos. The album is produced by Germany based Moto-Tunes with hand-picked collaborations including Patkai Choir & James Swu (A Song for Aiko),  Big Deal (Poisa), Andrea Tariang(Charade), Lima Mongro including the huge team who worked behind the scenes to pull off a commendable collective.

The song that put the groove on for me was surprisingly the bad-ass ‘Poisa’ and set my morning on fiyaaah! This song is honest and those who understand the creole ‘Nagamese’ and Hindi would go ‘WORD!’ nodding in agreement to the hard hitting social messages manifested by the two powerful poets Big Deal and BK.

(Photo courtesy – BK and Big Deal)

CHARADE is a very pleasing, a bit quirky and cute little song written by Tuden Jamir

The indie elements in the song is blended quite beautifully with Andrea Tariang, reminding us of songs from good old romantic chic flicks which many of us guys (Excluding me…pun unintended) watch more often than women are aware, sniffing out tears uncontrollably in solitude. Good breezy song to put on your playlist and spend your afternoon drinking tea or the sorts that people do to just relax maybe.

KINI is cleverly put as I have this hunch Alobo might be bringing out his flirty side leaving aside all the cringe but pulling it off to sync with the tile of his album. Not sure which lady with that angelic smile gives him the butterflies enough to whistle through this very poppy number, the secret which you might unravel if you listen closely enough.

Never Let you go lets go of the classic rock elements and brings out the EDM party vibes which might actually be a really good song to jump up and down during his live shows. Chasing Ghosts which was released earlier is the super silky smooth song which brings out the Alobo which his old fans long for, unleashing his powerful vocal capabilities with maybe even have a striking uncanny resemblance to Eric Martin of Mr. Big? Last Train is an experimental piece which Moto did a fine job in producing  a track by combining the sounds from the classic pop era and reinventing the arrangement into one groovy song. L&T sets the theme for the album where the word play and flow may not be as sticky but definitely allows you to stay on track and let the good vibes settle in. Mistry Gaana and Doing Right is part of his social entrepreneurial and activism to reach out to the grassroots with strong social message for creating awareness towards positive change and transformation. I will wait is a perfect acoustic ending to this very variant album singing ‘I will wait till the sun turns white and the moon shines red…’ where the guitar picking/plucking which I’m guessing Lima Mongro played, is ON POINT!

A song for Aiko, I wrote this song, ahem yes during the early phase when I was maybe heartbroken and started day dreaming about writing a song that may impress the girl I used to like, love, like? Not sure but anyways ironically things always doesn’t always work out like it works in movies. Not sure why I had to put this explanation into perspective but this song is for Alobo and the way in which James Swu and Patkai Choir gave the harmony and producer Moto gave life to the song with a very dreamy, movie theme kind of arrangement is blissfully satisfactory. Thank you Alobo for bring this track to life and making it heard.

The song that caught my attention? WOLO! I think this song has defined the new Alobo Naga brand and sound. Very groovy and would make a great theme for this setting – where you and your squad drive up to the shore or the river depending on whether you live by the coast or the mountains. Okay so,picture this; you park your SUVs, the sun has set, there is fire and BBQ with coconut juice(You get my jibe!) and lanterns; good vibes and good friends and then fit this track to scene. LIT!

Tje merch can be ordered from

KINI is available on almost all apps including Wynk, Hungama, Jio music, iTunes and also right here on indihut. Download and relish it.