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Aren Jamir

Aren Jamir serves as the Youth Pastor at his own native village, Kangtsung- near Tuli. He takes his debut as a songwriter, composer and singer of prodigious caliber. His sighting in music materialized from his participation in an unassumingly small Nagamese Church, initially. Today, he is also known to be a passionate worship leader. As a self-taught artist, he considers his hands on opportunities in churches, college and open gatherings as the pathfinders to this milestone. Jamir is truly moved by some of the prominent classic Naga Artists: Mar Jamir (Polar Lights), Imliakum Aier (TECK), Jonathan Yhome, and Tuden Jamir.

He believes that someday this bunch of talented young artist will come together for a cause and he too will be part of this.

His debut single “Beautiful with Jesus” comes as a testimony to his self-realization of life’s true richness in Christ. Like any other fledgling youth, he said, “I thought life as a Christian would be fun-less boring life. Instead, life in Christ brought out the most beautiful side of life in me.” Every word and melody of the song is meant to express his delight of a life full in Christ.

The song “Beautiful with Jesus” was recorded at Jam Studio11. It was brilliantly mixed by Temjen Jamir and the album art finely touched and designed by Alam Jamir. Jam Studio11 Creation.