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Arin Dez

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Arin Dez – Imagination feat. Namratha

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Arin Dez – Let’s Do It feat. Shaitan

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Born in 24th November 1994 Arin Dez is from Silchar, Assam where the dwellers have little knowledge about Rap music. Being interested in painting he used art to manifest his imagination and later on he realised that rhythm and poetry gave him more grip to paint his imagination, bring it to life and share it with people. In the year 2008 Arin started to take music more seriously but the lack of support and encouragement proved to be a discouraging factor for this young dreamer. Dejection and discouragements never stopped him from pursuing his passion and he started learning the art from scratch with his own efforts . After a year he connected few Artists from overseas and furnished his skills as he writes and raps about his testimony on the struggles and challenges he has faced so far  through his debut single featuring Shaitan “Let’s Do It”.

Arin Dez 1
Apart from music he is interested in Graphic Designing, Poetry, Dance and other art forms but keeping all these things aside he contemplated on Lyricism, Mixing, Mastering, Production and Composition. After working for years and recording some demo tracks, he came up with the English remix of Park Bom’s You & I titled “My Only Girl” which was a huge success. Arin had also released few tracks namely “Cloud 9”, “Pretty Wingz ft. D’Struct” and finally he came up with his original composition called “Eternal Wish”, which was followed by many more tracks.

By the fall of 2011, Arin met Soumyadeep Nath Barbhuiyan and together they formed a Nu-Metal band called “Ancient Mantra”. Its debut album “Question within” was released on Jul 26, 2013, the first metal album from his hood.

Arin spent the whole of 2014 in improving his skills and gathering knowledge and dropped his first track on 10th June 2015 titled “Let’s Do It” featuring Shaitan, a prominent Rapper from Bangalore. It got him a huge bunch of positive response. Imagination is composed and produced by Arin himself featuring Namratha. A beautiful number that will make you imagine that you are out of space among the stars.

You can connect with Arin in Facebook at :

      Arin Dez-Imagination - Arin Dez ft. Namratha