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Genre: Experimental Rock

Avancer is a Indie / Rock band from Dimapur (Nagaland), formed in 2009. They were formed by a bunch of young and talented musicians from different backgrounds coming together with the sole purpose of letting their creative juices flow and merge into creating music which would ultimately help the band in defining their own unique sound and style.


Ever since the band took off in their sonic odyssey, not simply taking part in contests but winning them and slowly built a fan base which would ultimately pave way for the band to open for international acts such as Firehouse and traveling to Bangkok representing Nagaland at the Handshake Concert. The band has matured and refined their sounds with the release of their brand new single ‘The Trip’ which is going to take Avancer further towards discovering their quest in unraveling their musical trip.

Their song “Give it up” feat Lima Mongro (of ANTB) on the guitars was recorded by Jackto Wotsa of New Life Studio, Dimapur.

Avancer sponsored the track “Beautiful Day” by the duo Iluli Yeptho and Sanen Lemtur recorded at New Life Studio, Dimapur. The music was arranged and composed by Avancer with Lima Jepi Mongro and Atsa Lang Roths helping them out on the guitar works.

Sanen Lemtur and Iuli Yeptho are both winners of the Unity Voice Hunt 2016. Iuli Yeptho is the vocalist of the band Trans Effect who recently won the 2nd Runners Up at the 2017 NSACS Beat Contest. She is currently pursuing her bachelors degree from Unity College, Dimapur. Sanen is a former student of Jam Tree School of Music  and mentored by Tali Angh. Sanen is also currently pursuing his bachelor studies from Unity College, Dimapur.


~Took part in the all Nagaland Beat contest in 2010 organised by the Mindblowers club and bagged the best vocalist award.
~2nd runners up at the ‘Ambassadors of Christian Rock’ contest organized by Sinai Ministry in 2010.
~2nd runners up at the All Nagaland Art Fusion Contest in 2011
~1st runners up at the ‘Northeast Art Fusion Contest’ as well as the best drummer and the best bassist award in 2011.
~Winner of the ‘Rock Aware’ contest organized by NSACS in 2011.
~Opening act for ‘Higher on Maiden (UK) official tribute band of ‘Iron Maiden’
~Performed with ‘Firehouse’ in dimapur 2012
~Represented Nagaland At ‘Let’s Rock’ held in guwahati
~Performed at the ‘Handshake Concert’ in Bangkok on the 21st of June, 2012 which was initiated by the Rattle and Hum Music Society.
~Performed at The Ziro Festival of Music At Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh 2012
~Performed northeast youth festival at itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh 2012