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Watch this video we made, a VLOG of UK born entrepreneur, businessman, investor NIGEL EASTWOOD with his run to inspire our entrepreneurs in North-East India along with random discussions with our local innovators and entrepreneurs. Hope you enjoy the content. If you did, share it as well.


The Indian Beatbox Battle

Our quest to find the best beatboxers in Extreme Eastern India begins with our vlog session shot simply using a phone because we proudly function at zero budget since 2013.

So I went around my hometown Kohima looking out for beatboxers whilst people are going bonkers looking for pokemons. And the best part is that while I was searching for good beatboxers, I actually happen to be bumping into the best beatboxers. That is crazy and exciting, lets see where this journey leads me to but till now, I’m pretty much zonked by the talents that these young guys possess.

Episode 1- Pastaka Bizkit

Episode 2 – Push Pom Pom

Episode 3 – BANANA