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Benathung Humtsoe

Genre – Alternative Rock/ Country Rock

Bena is the Winner in the Best Alternative/Soft Rock category in the 4th Music Awards of Nagaland. He has honing his skills in the field since early schooldays and received biggest break in the local music circuit came by winning the ‘Local Hero’ contest in Wokha district in 2010 which is a requisite for direct entry into the 1st 24 of the Naga Idol 5.10. As a songwriter, is more inclined to go for themes that celebrate the silver lining and the feel goods of life. I sound more country, so I must be country.

A modern country with an alternative rock edge is what I do. Music to me is a microcosm of life. Not only that, I wish to tell tales that are true to life. My lyrics are inspired by real people, real experiences and real emotions and can get downright honest and down-to- earth. In a world driven by the need to ‘do more’ and ‘bring more’, we have created a society that’s ‘So tired’. I wish to give people a respite from this race through my works too in my own small way. As a songwriter, is more inclined to go for themes that celebrate the silver lining and the feel goods of life.

My inspirations are not only limited people in the music industry. People who inspire me are those who could rise above circumstances, unfavourable and adverse, however, emerges with an unscathed and indomitable spirit; people who had those lines on their brows that tells tales that they’d been through it all and had seen it all, and people who could really roll up their sleeves and dive into life!
Quote: Music is too good a thing to be wasted only in expressing the negatives in life and I’d rather be found celebrating the feel goods in life, though the former is also as real as the day. Through my stuffs I try to stay aloof from the shine blockers and the drag-downs of life.

“We raise our hands up” is a solidarity song which was originally performed during World AIDS Day 2016, and put down in record only in February 2017. It was written in tune with the World AIDS Day theme: “Hands up for HIV Prevention”, and was composed in collaboration with Oren Mozhui, a well known soloist, recording artiste and composer. The song signifies love, support and concern to those affected and infected by the HIV pandemic. ‘We raise our hands up’ was mixed and recorded by Aseu Chadi at Aseu Chadi’s H.S Kohima with Cheni Kikon featuring on the backing vocals.