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Bozio Nienu

Bozio Nienü is a young 19 year old currently doing his bachelors in English at St. Anthony’s College, Shillong. He is a big music enthusiast who was introduced to music at a very young age by his parents who taught him the basics of how to sing and play the guitar. Though he has no formal training, it was the sheer passion and the interest that has made him who he is today. Though his platform has been limited to the church mostly, he always dreams on performing on a bigger platform someday.

Bozio is also an awardee of ‘Rev. Dr. Neiliezhü Üsou’s Exellency Award’ (an award given annually to students who topped the state in music in the matric level exams) in the year 2013 for his achievement as the state topper in music from Baptist High, Kohima. Also in 2015, he became the state topper in music in his higher secondary level exams from G.Rio School, Kohima.

He is fascinated by local artists, and hopes that someday he will be recognized and appreciated by the rest of the world. He is a big fan of Tali Angh who has inspired him in a lot of ways and his song “City of Lights” is among his favorites.

Hi original “Be the Change” is a cry for change inspired by the recent events of political tensions in the state of Nagaland. Being a student studying outside Nagaland, it saddened him that his holidays were engulfed in rivalries and without peace. This is a song that arose during such times and with a realization dawning on him that change in the society begins with the change in ourselves.