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Colored Keys

When the band announced their formation on their newly created Facebook page, a friend commented “I cannot wait to hear the group sing together. Heaven is what I imagine it to be”. And there you have it—imagine a hand-picked dream team of melodic and powerful voices in opulent hues and tones, and you have the Colored Keys.

Now with their single, entitled “Warrior’s Call”, the guys from Colored Keys have gotten in touch with their roots, adding a flare of authenticity & ethnicity, blending it into their music and incorporating it into their own.

colored keys 2

The band initially formed as a quartet, but is now a trio band. The members Kehodi Yoho, Neikuo Khezhie and Kehepe Letro were all previously associated with different renowned groups and bands, performing across the globe in countries like the United Kingdom, Thailand, Bhutan and Indonesia.

It was their inevitable love for music and similarities in taste and style of songs that brought them together.
The band’s musical influences are varied and they draw inspiration from Queen, Andrea Brocelli, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Adele and Il Divo.

Notwithstanding their talent to sing our favourite tracks in their distinctive flavour, the band’s USP is that all the members write and compose original music, drawing in their rich and diverse musical experiences of more than a decade.

The Colored Keys are also committed to the idea of arranging music from different types of genres—contemporary, rock, ballad, semi classical and Folk Fusion —in their own unique interpretation and flair, all with the intention of promoting positivity and decent music.

They based their band name around their vision too; to spread their music to all sections of people by not confining themselves to a particular genre, and to have variety and creativity in their compositions. “We also want to inspire and influence people and be keys to open their dreams”, adds Kehodi. It has been a tightly packed schedule for the band since its formal launch in November 2014.

They have regaled audiences at the Hornbill Bamboo Carnival, Music Awards of Nagaland,“Coffee for a Cause”, Blue Frog Mumbai, Hornbill Festival, Opening Act for ABBA New Generation from Sweden, among others. Stealing everyone’s heart with their debut single “Always love you” where Neikuo has displayed his writing and composition skills and the band together has arranged it to create a love ballad about the promise to love one another.

Stealing everyone’s heart with their debut single “Always love you” has created a love ballad about the promise to love one another.

‘Oh Hi Yo’ is a folk fusion number which means, ‘’The creator of all, the sustainer of all, because of his amazing grace we are filled with love and peace. Praise the lord!!”

Lipok Mar Tzudir:
“The boys of Colored Keys presents a refreshing feeling of musical interpretation. The harmony is profound and conventional, that gives one a much needed break from the modern techno epidemic.”

Kevi Pucho:
“I may not be a frequent listener of this particular genre but as the quote from the song goes “as i have promised I will always love you” , the song indeed is truly promising and divine on its own repetoire. “The colored Keys” is such an immaculate all male vocal group and this very song really highlights their ability to take one to a reverie. I got nothing but an undisputed applause to these fine gentlemen for their excellence and I am only looking forward for more and more. Wishing the best and a hearty congratulations to The Colored Keys on their brand new beautiful single “Always Love you” .”

Alobo Naga:-
“Blending Pop song with lush arrangements and classical overtones, and amazing vocal performances, this quartet operatic Pop group has come out with a very romantic & Catchy song with simple lyrics straight from the heart. Colored Keys are the next best thing in Nagaland Music scene.”

Bethel Tsuzu:
“Colored keys has proudly found its individuality and sound. I am very glad to hear such beautiful voices blending together bringing vocal harmony to the ultimate. This single is just the beginning of emotions and feelings expressed through the most beautiful instrument- the human voice! Wishing colored keys a successul career ahead.”

Tolto Metha:
Captivating, angelic and truly a masterpiece! The best “male voice I’ve heard in the country so far! Keep it up Colored Keys!”

Tali Angh:
“A slow, soulful and convincing love ballad sung with great vocal dynamics and maturity.I love how different melodic voices just blend so beautifully, and I also like the song arrangement and mixing. It has almost all the ingredients that this particular song demands.”