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Distance To Earth

“Distance to Earth” is an experimental metal band from Kohima, first formed in late February of 2011 by the name 69th Avenue, they used to perform gigs in the State Capital which went on for a year. Unfortunately the band had to breakup as the members had to pursue their studies. Later on the band members came together again after a long break and decided to reunite the bond they share for metal music. With ‘Distance to Earth’,formed in the the month of October 2018, the band members decided to start afresh.

With members Kavi Arklight as the frontman, Moyuchen K yanthan on the Guitar and Anguka Achumi on the Bass guitar. The band’s first single ,’The Last Letter’ has been composed during the time when the band first came into being back in 2011 when they were known as 69th Avenue but it has been recorded in the present time with fresh new music. The song was recorded, mixed and masterd by the bands guitarist Moyuchen K yanthan (Infinte Records Kohima). The song is about longing to see and hear from the loved ones that one has lost. The band draws their influence from bands like Killswitch Engage, Architects and Unleash The Archers and Bleed From Within.