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Dream Magnificent

Dream Magnificent is a gospel band with members sharing similar interest and vision in music which officially led them to form a band on July 2017. The band comprises of Kukhoto Ringa, Pututemjen Tzudir, Langshie Shiu and Posa Kezo. All of them are pursuing their music studies at School of Music, Dimapur. Some of their influences are Petra, Bloodgood, and Newsboys.

The band with the vision to spread the message of the gospel through their music inspired them to write their first original “Chosen One”. The song talks about how temptation has overcome humanity and hope seems to be lost but by His grace, we are called and saved.

After the successful release of their debut song “Chosen One,” the band teamed up with Jano Nyekha to bring out their second single “Hola”. “Hola” is a word derived from Spanish which means “shout encouragement/exaltation” Through this song they want to convey a message to the world to bring back the good old days where there were love and respect (humanity) and rejoice with songs.

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