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The band Featherheads is a motley collective of artists and musicians. Their creative inspiration and musical influence is rooted in the rich culture of their tribal heritage. Based in Ukhrul,Manipur,  North-East India is the place they call home as did generations of their ancestors who had forged the sacred traditions and rituals still practiced today.  Their vision is to resurrect and honor their unique tribal customs and traditions using music and art as a bridge to the masses. Their motives flow purely and from the heart, awakening the spirit through authentic rhythms and enchanting sounds. Original melodies and modern riffs merge with primal beats. Traditional folk tunes and stories are chanted through the lungs of a seasoned rocker. A fusion of the old with the new, forming an original musical and lyrical language that transcends cultural and generational boundaries.

Build upon a foundation of respect and purity and secured with loving intentions and cultural integrity, Featherheads invites anyone and everyone to their temple of sound.

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