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Imye Longkumer

Imye Longkumer is the youngest of four siblings, born and raised in Mokokchung, Nagaland. He graduated from Fazl Ali College. He started singing around the age of 13 and for the first time he won the first prize at his school solo competition when he was in the ninth grade. This became the starting point of his singing career. Since then, he has been performing in various local shows and gigs. His love for music grew and he started to learn music from anyone and any source he could find. He taught himself every musical instrument that he could get his hands on. He learned how to play the guitar and the piano. However, his favorite instrument became the harmonica and immediately he fell in love with country music, especially Bob Dylan’s works.


He received his Masters in Divinity from OTS, Dimapur, during which he also took a year of formal music training. After his M.Div he dedicated a year of service as a volunteer teacher at Maela Refugee camp in Thailand with among 50000 plus Burmese refugees. It was during those days he started to record his original songs as a hobby. Eventually his family and friends pushed and encouraged him to put out his songs for the public hearing. During these years he also decided that Music should be for better change. Thus “music for change” became his personal motto.

Music means almost everything to him. He believes music touches the lives of those who hear. To him, music comes from the soul and from experiences in life, both good and bad experiences. Music is the unspoken words of the heart. He believes life is meant to be shared with love and respect for each other and music can play an important role.

 He grew up listening to legendary country singers like Don Williams, Bob Dylan, Kenny Rogers and the likes. Music that is genuine and inspiring reflects life and touches the souls. He is drawn towards meaningful lyrics and tune. Contemporary singers like Adam Levine, James Blunt, and Blake Sheldon are some artists he draws his inspiration from. While most of his music has a country-ish tune, he also believes in music that is versatile. He believe in exploring and adaptability as an artist.