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The top 32 beatboxers in the country landed in Kohima at the Hornbill Music Festival venue to battle for the top spot at the first ever Indian national beatbox championship in Kohima, Nagaland.

The battle was judged by Pepouni from swissbeatbox, Vineeth Vincent from Bangalore, MCEucalips from United States and Julius Mitchell from Sri Lanka. After judging the Chinese, American and UK beatbox championships, Pepouni arrived in Kohima and mentioned that this was by far the best and most intense battle he had witnessed.

Beatboxing skills were at the highest levels as the top 16 were selected at the elimination round and then the battle rounds began where each beatboxer went head to head 60 second rounds of beatboxing. Zonimong and Chinglem from home state Nagaland also made it to the Top 8. At the final battle, 5 year old Zaleno also came up on stage and enthralled the strong 2000 audience with her beatboxing skills.

The final battle between Bhavesh from Mumbai with Ishan from Delhi lasted till the tie breaker rounds and before the final results were declared, the battle took place for third place between Karun and Rishab, both from Bangalore.

Bhavesh from Mumbai was crowned India’s first beatbox champion while Ishan took the second place. Both Rishab and Karun were adjudged third position.

The judges also entertained the crowd with their mind blowing beatboxing skills, while the organizer Yanpvuo Kikon was also the MC for the evening along with Pepouni from swissbeatbox who lifted the hand of the champion to close the evening with one of the most intense events witnessed at the Hornbill Music Festival in Kohima. Pepouni from swissbeatbox announced that he will take the winner to represent India at the world’s biggest beatbox championships.

History was made and people could witness all the kids who attended the event beatbox their way home.

BEATBOXING is the art of vocal percussion by creating drum machine sounds and effects using only one’s mouth, lip, tongue and voice.

This beatbox culture is a new phenomena which is hugely becoming popular particularly among the young crowd and turning into a new fad and a pop culture. With the advent of internet and social media, the younger crowd are more associated with the trends of memes, trolls, viral videos and new age culture that are trending on social media. In order to bring together the best beatboxers under one roof and organize an explosive entertaining beatbox battle is going to set new vibes across the entire pop culture scene in the region and the country.

India Beatbox Championship is conceptualized by, a online music platform based in Kohima Nagaland to promote the musicians of North-East India and beyond. This event is officially a part of this year’s Hornbill Music Festival which will witness one of the biggest live audiences in the region catering to all the major musical genres played live by the biggest names in the industry.


Vision – To tap the hidden talents, foster a strong beatboxing culture in the region and also become a part of the global community. To one day produce world class beatboxers from the region and create a pop culture out of this art form.

India Beatbox Championship aims to motivate and inspire the art and culture of beatboxing in the region by bringing together the best beatboxers in India and abroad under one roof during one of the biggest festival in India, the Hornbill Festival which is held every year from 1st to 10th of December. This championship will be one of the biggest beatbox gathering in the country so far both in terms of participation and viewership as which has a huge online presence in the region will promote the event on social media.