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INYIUSHONG is a rock band formed in the year 2010 among friends who shares same passion. An experimental rock band influenced by heavy metal, progressive rock, nu-metal and folklore.
With Pauloi Phom:Vocal, Ben: Guitar, Phomngai Mukho: Guitar, Baloi Buchem: Bass, Yongtaumetmei: Drums

‘SHINGLUNGKUPPA’ a debut single of “INYIUSHONG”. This song is based on Phom Naga Folklore and it talks about the mysteries of fabled log drum. The rite begins in the wild where village folks ask the chosen giant tree its fettles and name. At nightfall, the mighty tree reveal its vigour, will and divulge as ‘Shinglingkuppa’. While the folk assures to keep it safe in Morung, takes it down, carves into a stunning log drum and escorts along with victory chants back to village.

Audio Mixed & Mastered: Kevi Pucho
Recorded at: Element Indie Records
Music written & composed: Inyiushong
Concept: Inyiushong & Tintedlight Studio
Video Production: Tintedlight Studio
Photo courtesy: Imcha Jamir

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