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JAMMING 15, is an emerging contemporary Indie band from Dimapur, Nagaland. Formed in the year 2015 for various school programs (Greenwood hr sec school Dimapur).

Band members:
Mhaymo Humstoe(Vocals/Guitar), Chingthai Angh(Guitarist/Backing vocals), Dolen quinker(Bassist/Backing vocals), Temjen Jamir(Drums).

They first started performing as a worship team and then their journey began as an amateur performers for which they are ever grateful to the school for providing them the first platform to perform as a band and also helping to discover the passion in them.
Their major influence are The Script, Two Doors Cinema Club, Polar Lights, Cold play, Young The Gaint ,U2 and Phoenix. They strongly believe in the stereotype of  “Brotherhood” and “Togetherness” without which the world would be totally wrecked.

No wonder “JAMMING 15” is drafted by the idea that they started jamming together as a team in the year 2015.
The band first debut single ‘She Says’ was recorded  and mastered by Temjen Jamir  at JAM STUDIO 11. ‘She Says’ is a love song for  a unanimuos lady whose lover seeks for his lost love and points out the value of love in his life.