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KL Pamei

At the age of 8  Kubanglung Pamei started exploring sounds of the guitar and at age 11 began his songwriting. With his first stage debut at 14 and he has never looked back since then. A singer, songwriter and a guitarist, he drew his first creative inspirations from his grandfather, a folk singer and composer who still teaches and sings with him his folk songs. His decision to take the musical road was also strongly influenced by an uncle who taught him to play his first chords. Kubanglung, who loves listening to John Mayer, The Script and Casting Crowns, is currently pursuing his vocal classes at Mountain Music Academy (MMA) under the mentorship of Neikuolie Khezhie,also a renowned artist and musician, whom he attributes to as his huge inspiration in pursuing his dream of becoming a professional musician.

“Spotlight” originally composed and written by Kubanglung , recorded and mastered at Element indie records is his story about his struggles in achieving his dream of becoming an artist. The song speaks about forces and situations in life that had pulled him down, and how he managed to come out of it a winner. Empty spaces filled with courage, negative emotions replaced with determination; the underlying message is heard in the song, that everyone can realize their dream someday, if only you follow your dreams with hard work and determination. A firm believer in God first, and with love and support from his family, Kubanglung hopes his song will inspire the generation in believing in themselves and not giving up even in the hardest of times, while affirming to himself, “Difficult roads leads to beautiful destination, put yourself into your heart and there will be spotlights following your footsteps.”

Kubanglung Pamie 2

Call My Name originally written and composed by Kubanglung Pamei. Recorded and Mastered at Element Indie Records. The song is inspired from his personal life. The struggle one faces to achieve something Big in life. The journey often leads to disappointments and failures but one should not let Negativity and failures overpower us but rather get up and walk again and keep one positive and surely, one day the destination will not be far and the dreams will be achieved.