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LC Sekhose

LC Sekhose is a talented singer and rapper from Nagaland.  He believes that his creativity comes from God who makes him unique, and gets his inspiration from his daily challenges.  He is committed in what he aspires and hopes to bring about social changes and positive vibes of self esteem.

LC’s lyrics are always a diverse compilation of truth and reality, based on the theme: “TO RISE FROM THE FALL”. When asked about his passion, he says, ” I was not born with it, but I will surely die with it.  But proceeds to say that he and his passion didn’t choose each other, they met and it all just happened.  LC Sekhose isn’t scared to take risks, and as an artist he will continue to remain committed to causes that are bigger than him (God).

His song “Forever” is all about a person being sensitive to the social issues and giving effort to be the one to make a change. Nonetheless, noting the famous quote, “if you want change, be the change.” He further illustrate the action through his song. It is a cry to one and all for a better change in the society.  The song is produced by a Shillong based producer Ban Jay King from the group Cryptographic. Written and composed by LC Sekhose himself.

Album art Courtesy: Rugks Ngouri