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Maongtemsu Pongen

Maongtemsu Pongen works as a full time teacher. Composing and writing songs never came across his mind, he never intended to become one. He simply woke up one morning and realized he fell into music and couldn’t get out of it. His fav artist includes, Freddie Mercury, MJ and John Lennon.
In his own words he says, ‘ I learned writing songs by listening to different music and tried to understand them and see what they’re made of. Writing song is like the origin of the universe, when you have absolutely nothing and then suddenly you have something. It is my way of channeling my thoughts and the people i care about. I want to pour my life into music and communicate with people through my song.’
His song ”Past Memories” was written two years ago, but he couldn’t complete it because he felt he needed more time to learn about music. This song talks about two separate lovers with their past memories of which they still hold on to their feelings for each other.

It was aptly epitomised by Kevi Pucho with his strenuous effort and hardwork at Element Indie Records