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Mengu Suokhrie

Mengu Suokhrie is an in-born multi-talented singer, songwriter, vocal teacher from the foothills of Nagaland. Suokhrie who had vocal lessons preferably on Classical and Contemporary music started singing at an early age of 6. Her first big performance came through when she was in her early teens. Since then she has never look back with hopes to captivate and reach out to people through her music when she grows up.

Mengu Suokhrie is here to win the hearts of the people with the release of her new single ‘Dear Mother’, of which she composed for the upcoming of Mothers’ Day.

Suokhrie’s passion for music is immensely responsible for who she is now, with hard-work, determination, dedication and struggles along the way; she has become one of the most inspirational, leading female artiste and popular figure among music lovers in the Northeast and the country as a whole. She has made numerous contributions towards Northeast music scene.


To categorize her as a one dimensional singer would be unfair, she is a repertoire of surprises as her vocal ranges from typical rock to pop to ballad. Music lovers especially the youths have been praising her for the song You’re mine, since it is a relatable song for every love birds out there. She is an artiste who believes in the ordinance of connecting people with her music. Through her songs she connotes the existence of both the good and bad side of life but as humans we are to be open-minded and no matter how hard life can get, it is never devoid of reasons to smile.

She has headlined many festivals held in and around the Northeast region and it is to be noted that in all these fests, more than fifty thousand attendees were recorded just to see her perform. Numbers counts and she delivers it with simplicity, humility and raw talent, leaving music lovers wanting for more.

Her Debut Album Love is all we need was released on February 12th 2012 and it sold for more than 3000 copies. The first album itself caught attention to a larger masses, her music is driven by the passion and love she has for music.

Mengu Suokhrie has been constantly featured in several websites and magazine from the Northeast. The most notable one is getting featured in one of the leading magazine from the Northeast that is The Northeast Today – TNT.


“She’s an artiste who not only shows talent but also humility as a person , she’s a positive singer who can show the world that even through your worse day, there is something to be joyful for’ – Mebanaibor Nengnong, Music

Editor (The Northeast Today)

She has also been featured on Mebanaibor’s article Here is why we feel that women can Rock just as men do, where he labelled her as one of the leading female role models from the Northeast in the field of music.

Throughout her career she has been headlining shows and festivals in and around the country, played in major cities, have opened for international bands, to name a few; Stryper, Inflame, ARRIVAL (ABBA’s tribute band) and many other international bands.

She has won two music awards, one of which is for the Best Duet category for the song Till we turn grey featuring VizhoThakhro, another is for Best Gospel song category for the song Love is all we need.

She is active on Facebook and she can be reach at Mengu Suokhrie. She has more than 4k followers and the number of followers keep climbing up the ladder as more people are discovering her every day.

She is currently working on her second album, said to be release hopefully before fall sets in.