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Neivizonuo Pienyii

Genre: Classical/ Contemporary 

Neivizonuo Pienyii is a singer, songwriter from the hill town of Kohima, Nagaland presently doing her bachelors in theology. Neivizonuo draws inspiration for her music from Nagaland based artist Mengu Suokhrie.

Neivizonuo started singing from a young age of eight and she went on to take piano lessons and vocal training under the mentorship of Mengu Suokhrie. She has performed at various stages ever since and she was also one of the participants at Kids For Fame Season 4 in 2013.

Neivizonuo with the support and encouragement of her family is now pursuing her theological studies at Faith Theological Seminary, Jotsoma. With her gospel roots and soulful singing style she aims to reach out and save the perishing souls and spread the gospel through her music.

The song ‘The Beauty of your Dream’ was written and composed by Neivizonuo herself. The song is about encouraging people to not give up on their dreams but to believe in God for nothing is impossible when we count on him and trust in him. As one can hear her quoting in the song, “Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”