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NTdote is a five-member band formed in the year 2014 inspired by progressive metal bands such as Dream Theater and Theocracy. The band plays fusion jazz, progressive rock and takes huge inspiration from classical as well as contemporary music. NTdote believes that melodic type of music is sensible towards the complications of life and seek to reveal and express them through music. Ever since its inception, the band has been actively performing in cafes, open gigs and invited stages.

The band consists of Choseo on the vocals, Tselo and Khriela on the guitars, Vela on the bass and Langs on the drums.

The song “Beyond the Sky” is their first original produced by Richa Productions. The song talks about hope and uncertainty of life because the best things are those that are worth living for and there’s a way we could look up to.

Their original music video entitled “You’ve got it all” was released during August Rush at The Heritage, Kohima. The song is about self-encouragement and about encouraging the tired souls. It talks about walking out and experiencing new things, about looking at the world in another way that was never seen before, while telling yourself that you can do whatever you want to because you have what it takes! The song is written and composed by Tshelo, who is also a member of the band but is currently working out of station for the moment.