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Genre : Lo-Fi Electronic Music

NVYKO pronouced as ‘nayko’ =neko (cat in Japanese) is a Lo-Fi project by Vitz who had earlier stepped into the scene and randomized the entire structure of how electronic music was supposed to sound like, setting the creativity bars higher than ever before ever since with the release of ‘Casual Talks’ and the series of radical releases that followed which re-defined textbood and stole the spotlight from those producing the pre-defined and predictable 4/4’s.

Illustration by Mi-Kyung Choi

When ‘nayko’ dropped it’s track ‘City Lights’ it started trending and then this track became an everyday affair of become that track on your playlist which you start and end your day with. The power that the producer of this track NVYKO wielded in modifying and re-arrranging the fragments of your entire pscyhe each day, wherein the waves in this creation had the ability to de-tune and re-tune your mood was so powerful that even in your worst monday blues, the track had the ability to signal good vibes into that neural part of the brain which triggered them vibes in your soul.