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Phyobemo Khuvung

Phyobemo Khuvung aka Bem Bem Khuvung is a 16 year old Singer/songwriter from Kohima. He started singing at a very young age when he was 8yrs old, inspired by Lady Gaga and he started composing his own song by 10.

He actively takes part in singing competition in his school and has been winning consecutively for 3 years.
He sang his first original in a school concert and got a lot of positive reaction which motivated him to work harder and write better.

In his own words, he says “I write what I feel and try to communicate with people through my lyrics. There were a lot of times when I was discouraged but all those made me tougher and made me work harder to achieve my dream.”

His song “Alone” is a sad song talking about the unfairness and injustice in this world. No matter how much one try to be good,  the world always belittles us. Through this song,  he tries to express all the words people keep to themselves,  all their unsaid feelings so that they may know they aren’t the only ones.

He has always been passionate about music and work hard to make his own songs in different genres.
He feel so at home when he gets on the stage and his goal is to connect with people by writing song to which they can relate to.