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Polar Lights

Genre: Alternative Rock

Polar Lights is a pop/rock band emerging out of the state of Nagaland.

Band Members:

Mar Jamir (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards)
Temjen Jamir(Guitar/Vocals)


Formed on March 2013, Polar Lights aspire to make music at the highest level and in doing so make it in the music industry as a prominent recording artist/band. The band’s major influences are Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie and Mumford & Sons. “Originality”, is something the band firmly believes in and its what the band intends to be.

The band’s debut single “A Murder Machine” made waves across Nagaland and beyond, which played a fiery pivotal role in transforming the entire music scene overnight.

With their debut single, the band has already managed to develop a wide fan base and even getting featured in Nagaland’s most popular news daily The Morung Express~

“A rehashed package of music is what the majority of the local music scene delivers today. Granted that in a state where the music scene is eking out a meager existence, any original composition should be lauded and appreciated. However, there comes a point in every listener’s ears when the monotony of overdone notes results in spite, irritance and a massive palm to ones face.

That is not the case however with newbie band Polar Lights from Dimapur and their debut single ‘Murder Machine.’ The track provides a refreshing change from what most local bands and artists have to offer at the moment. Without having to try very hard, the band manages to sound different but not weird. With excellent vocals and a complimentary musical arrangement, ‘Murder Machine’ sounds soothing yet powerful.

Polar Lights – Empty Hallway and a Candle Light

‘Murder Machine’ was released on April 23 through Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace and Youtube. It has now reached the number one spot nationally in the Indie charts of Reverbnation. With over a thousand downloads recorded in a matter of a few days, Polar Lights have made a bright start. Mar Jamir, the throat behind the song revealed to the Morung Express that another single is on the pipeline to be released by mid June. The second single is titled ‘An Empty Hallway and a Candlelight.’ A production quality that surpasses any recording house in the region further compliments the originality of the composition. 

 (Polar  Lights performing live at Ziro)

Live at Ziro It’s not easy being a band playing Indie Rock, never mind which geographical location you hail from. And Nagaland would seem to be a strange place for any Indie artist to emerge from. For a fan of Motorhead and Judas Priest, Indie songs would always make me puke and spew hatred but Polar Lights have opened up a door for me to respect and appreciate the genre a little more. The fact that a local band made me do something which no other international band could, speaks volumes about the potential these guys have. Here’s hoping that they carry on in the same vein and produce more good music. The clichéd illustration of flaying hair may be missing from their shows but I suppose a jig of the hips and a smile on the face is good enough.” – Alem Jamir, MeX

Contact Polar Lights :, +918794578766, +919886436346