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Refund & Cancelation Policy

indihut refund policy

indihut strives to achieve and set a standard for providing quality service and products to our customers. Products are tested and ensured for quality performance setting a benchmark in digital product delivery. For music, a sample audio is played when you click on the artist page. This gives you a sneak peek into the musicality and taste of each artist who has manifested their creative juices through this platform. Hence the product you download should be satisfactory and up to your mark. The demo before deciding to buy our product is the screening process to ensure your confirmation for purchase. However in case you are disappointing with the product then indihut will provide refund for the cases as stated below:

1) If the digital product is corrupt, the customer is requested to email the case to Ensure that the service is active inorder to pursue for corrupted product inquiry.

2) In case of billing errors, the customer is required to provide the transaction details to

Product Cancellation: indihut does not provide a refund for cancellation of a product unless in the unlikely case of a banking error where the customer is required to provide the details of the transaction details to