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Genre: Rap

Rhokuosie “Rugks” Ngouri is a fresh upcoming artist from Nagaland. Based in Kohima, Rugks has just made a mark in the Hip-Hop music scene rhyming flows with fresh new beats and new age sounds from the underground. With the release of his brand new single ‘LolliBomb’ Rugks has stepped in to make his presence felt in the Rap music scene in the region. The record was produced by Moto, a Naga music producer based in Germany.

Rugks – Cloud 9(feat. Young Dirrt & Zaza)

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Rugks at an early age was intrigued by the art of rapping and continued to work on his flows and rhymes and started to pen down fresh flows inspired by his everyday musings. Clarity and a unique diction defines his style. Rugks relates his music with simplicity and easy listening, whereas his fans define his music as an addictive adrenalin filled with beats and rhymes sticking their fingers on the replay button.




Rugks has stepped in with a big bang and already made headlines in the newspapers and websites like reverbnation with his super cool original “T-Shirt” which has won him rave reviews.


With just two original tracks up his sleeve, Rugks has stepped into the hiphop/trap/rap music scene with a big bang hopping onto Number 1 spot on reverbnation, Kohima. The new rapper in the block has set a new benchmark with his new age beats and poetry taking hip-hop to a whole new level, all set to take on the music industry by storm.

Rugs – Lollibomb

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