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Savage Slaughter

Savage Slaughter is a Thrash Metal band from Mokokchung, Nagaland. With Senti Longkumer on the Vocals, Sanen Longkumer and Tongzuk Longkumer on the Guitars, Chuba Longkumer on the Bass and Imlinok on theDrums.

Sanen, Chuba Tongzuk(Former Trivit Guitarist) formed the band in 2017 following the disappearance of Metal Scene from Nagaland. Senti and Imlinok became a part of the band later on completing the band. Their music is arranged with complex Riffs & Solos. With the sole focus on following the Thrash Metal genre and revival of the Metal Scene in Nagaland, the band is heavily influenced by Thrash Metal bands like Annihilator and Megadeth.
Playing Metal music requires lots of talent, skills, precision and dedication and they hope to see more new Metal bands coming into the picture.
The band gives special thanks to Senti Longkumer, Guitarist of ‘The Great Decade’ for helping the band in recording as well as guiding the band in completing their first debut Song ‘Sadistic Hunger’.

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