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Sepongla Sangtam

Sepongla Sangtam Thonger comes from a far flung Eastern State of Nagaland Tuensang and has been performing in school functions,churches and small gatherings even as a little girl.

She was a semi finalist of Naga idol 2009 and also the winner of Eastern Voice Hunt 2013. “Decades back, music had not much scope in Nagaland but with the advent and booming social media,chances of exposure is high. It’s just that one needs encouragement and appreciation from our own people” quips Sepongla.

She enjoys all kinds of music genres and draws inspiration from the likes of Evanescence, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Dream Theater. She draws motivation from her family,close friends and most importantly her mom. Her mom attends all her concerts and on one occasion, her late father came along to the concert with her mom limping on a crutch despite the doctors advice not to go around since he was a stroke patient.

Her biggest fans are her mother and her grandmother.Both of them listens to her original song ‘Why’ day in and day out which is a progressive rock. (Which was composed for the NSAC Rock contest Tuensang 2012).

She has had no formal training in music but her love for music keeps it going. She aspires that her music be an inspiration for the Nagas before anyone else.