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Skylab is an experimental ambient rock band from Kohima. The idea of the band started out as a project during the mid 2013 with members Moyuchen Yanthan, Thothungo Tsopoe, Meribemo Tungoe (currently working with James Basnet) and Ekonthung Ovung started playing together alongside in the church. The four members of the band are also the best of friends who share deep passion about music with similar taste.

Band line:
Sudi Thonger – Vocals
Moyuchen Yanthan – Guitars
Thothungo Tsopoe – Guitars
Meribemo Tungoe – Bass
Ekonthung Ovung – Drums

The song See the Lights was recorded, mixed and mastered by Moyuchen Yanthan (Infinite Records, Kohima).
The music and lyric manifests from our life perspectives, as adult youths we face midlife crisis and that is where life seem so bizarre and challenging and some of us get to the point of giving up on life and we do certain things to make our life enjoyable but later realize that the light of hope is the word of God and Jesus as the light of hope.
Art designed by Ovungthung Jungio

The song “Salvation” composed and written by Skylab was the theme song for the 2018 Kohima Lotha Baptist Church Youth Camp with the message (“Such a Great Salvation” Hebrew 2:5-13). The song is mainly to remind the listeners and the believers that salvation is for everyone and is absolutely free because Jesus paid the price and died cross and it is only through God and Jesus Christ that one shall receive salvation. The song also sings about the assurance of God’s infinite and unwavering love for humanity. The song has been written on biblical reference from the book of Acts 4:12. The track is a progressive path from their previous track Resolute and was recorded and mixed by Moyuchen K Yanthan at Infinite Records, Kohima.