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Syphilectomy is a three member slamming brutal death metal outfit from Kohima, Nagaland formed in the early 2007 with Toshi(bassist/vocalist) and Asetuo(guitarist) and joined Akhrielie(drummer). The band released their first demo ‘Sadomasochistic Haemophilia’ in 2013 and later after signing with an Italian label ‘Death Metal Industry‘, the band released their first EP ‘Circumcised Abominable Deformity’ in 2014 featuring five tracks. The band is currently active and is now replaced by a new drummer Adarsh.

The band cites Cephalotripsy, Extermination Dismemberment, Gore Infamous, Disgorge(USA), Cerebral Incubation, Down From The Wound, Human Mastication, Gorevent and Vulvectomy as their influences.

The band made their announcement to release a full length album in May 2018.

Upcoming Album Tracklist:
1. Castigating Inherent Depravity
2. Condigned With Incessant Misery
3. Epidemic Consummation
4. Malicious Despoilment
5. Abhorrent Grotesque Excoriation
6. Exenterated To Obsolete Extremity
7. Gory Expunge
8. Eradicating Futile Genesis
9. Repulsive Indignancy

Recent Gigs:
1. Imosh Culture (Kohima)
2. Resurrecting The Deceased (Imphal)
3. Warsound (Kokrajhar,Assam)
4. Gore Cult Supremacy The Vile Fest (Hyderabad)
5. Dis-Organized (Bangalore).

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