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The Electric Cool Kid

Genre : Acoustic Indie

Imliakum Aier is the arty musical talent behind the band ‘The Electric Cool Kid’ with their hit single ‘Autobiography’ which is on its way to hitting the 2000 downloads mark on

The quality that sets Imliakum from other artists is definitely his distinctly powerful soaring vocals and clarity in allowing the listener to understand every single word of the story which the artist is trying to paint through one of the best songs which has been written this year by an artist from Nagaland. The song reveals the literary aficionado in Imliakum whose creative writing skills in ‘Autobiography’ contains one of the most vivid lyrics which takes you on a blissful relaxed trip across the cosmopolitan which the artist Imliakum suggest imaginative patchworks of city parks, kids running around, green grass, dusky evenings, lovers sharing stories and the protagonist strolling past the half remembered dream, singing “Dreamers, Achievers, Deceivers, all looking for an answer….The rock and roll, my rise and fall, stuck in a candy store, I wanted it all; the sweet and the soar, the glory, the firepower.”

The dulcet tremeloed guitars with the grunchy yet beautifully soothing vocals placed perfectly beside the lyrical themed for self actualization and artwork with metaphorical references to what might be the setting of a perfect weekend stroll in the commercial city of Nagaland. The quest for knowledge and refreshingly rhymed lyrics drives the song straight up to the top. Till the time the artist comes up with another masterpiece, the listeners are definitely treated to a sneak preview of what the Naga Renaissance is all about; talent, art and creativity from our young artists.


“Autobiography by TECK, finds the band expanding upon their 2013 offering, “Little Miss Sunshine” into a more mature and well polished sound. Every element in the song seems to be in the perfect alignment. From the groovy bass lines to the intelligent lyrics, TECK(Imliakum Aier) has once again found it in themselves(himself), the passion and the intensity, that make up a great Song. And if this trend of putting of great songs carries on. We are in for one hell of a TECKNICOLOR ride!”

– Mar Jamir(Polar Lights) 


      The Electric Cool Kid - Autobiography - Imliakum

TECK_new01 - Copy

The ‘Incognito Man’ behind TECK ,Imliakum Aier, describes the song as a satire of the leaders of society, he’s also chosen to give the listeners the liberty to define the song from their own perspective, making it as personal & relatable as it can.
Carefully weaving a detailed structure of the thoughts & feelings of the common man, this song beautifully encompasses the woes and problems of the lay-man.