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The Psalms Band

The Psalms Band started out as a worship team for the church youth ministry in the year 2015. Initially all the members had been playing separately in different bands and been performing in various platform until they came together as a worship band, thus The Psalms band was born. Starting off with jamming together, they started exploring different kinds of music and gradually started writing their own songs.


Their main emphasis as a Christian band is to try and come up with good music to reach out to the younger generation and spread the message of God’s love and not to be misguided and carried away by the lustrous and glamorous desires of the world. They also aim to reach out to the people who have never heard or experienced God through their songs. Their songs inspired through personal experiences of the band members are more like testimonials and the song ‘Never walk away’ portrays that. Their second single ‘Supernova’ is inspired by the human fascinations about the profaneness and mysteries of the space and the universe. In a world where science has consistently attempted to deny the existence of God by bringing out various hypothesis and theories about how the universe came into existence, this song is a testimony of our strong belief and faith that even if science has correctly depicted the creation and existence of the universe yet there is certainly a divine intervention and an advanced engineering involved behind the creation of this universe because of which everything has been placed perfectly where it is and without which the universe would never have came into existence. According to astro physicists when a giant star dies it explodes into a bright supernova which outshines an entire galaxy but it also gives birth to something new and this is how scientists believe life on earth originated millions of years back, likewise this song is a call for all the believers to live our life shining brightly for the lord and leave behind great impacts and give something new to all creations even after we are gone. While ‘Never walk away’ was recorded at Tribes Studio, ‘Supernova’ has been produced and recorded at the band’s own home studio.

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