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Genre- Ambient rock/ Metal/ Progressive

As a true independent artist, Tubescreeeamer quips, “To begin with I am not much of a guitarist, been playing for quiet sometime now but I was unable to expand and improve as a musician due to my ego, arrogance and the lack of hunger to learn beyond just being able to play my instrument. Thus, my progress in music is very recent. My intention is to keep writing and recording new stuff at a reasonable pace and hopefully form a band sooner or later with a bunch of people who may share the same interest in music (genre). People often ask me ‘Is it even possible to play the stuff your create, live with an actual band and not with backing tracks’ and well I tell them yes it is possible!


Presently I am re-recording all my demos and also working with newer materials, though it is not easy to write, record, mix and master at the same time since I am not a sound engineer or something but I try my best to make it decent enough and I believe it will eventually get better with time. I have been with a couple of bands when I started out and have experienced pretty much the same good and bad moments that most musicians do but I think it is all part of learning and progressing as a musician.


Music, to me is a beautiful gift and a curse at the same time,  I choose to cherish and make use of the gift, enjoy the little benefits and learn to live and adapt with the curse.”

Tubescreeeamer’s music are a combination of modern heavy metal and progressive rock, wrapped around powerful melodies with a distinct ambient flavor.

Tubescreeeamer’s newest song “A new beginning” is a dramatic musical piece that demands your undivided attention


Steve Vai, Nuno Battencourt, Dreamtheater, Slipknot

Recent influences and favourites
Plini, Intervals,Cloudkicker, Sithu Aye, Textures,Freak Kitchen,Animals As Leaders, Paul Wardingham

Blues guitar virtuoso solo contest ROCK REIGN Mokokchung Nagaland 2012