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Genre- Folk

Band Members:

Albert Kikon as the Front man, Thomas Medeo with the Guitar, Echungthung Ngullie on the Drums and Supportive vocals followed by Vikuochulhou Tepa, Emilo Yanthan and Chuponi Yanthan.

About the band:

The band “Upright” was formed among a group of friends deeply rooted by the true spirit of years of friendship and their bond cemented by the love and passion for music. The band kept their vision straight of making and sharing folk music to the people of the hills to keep the tribal vision alive.

In their own words they say, ‘We did not look for a fancy name for our band, but we kept it simple as we were all striving to live an upright life. The main motive of our band is to bring our own kind of music to let the people know how to appreciate life and the things given to us by God, we opt to give positive vibes to our listeners and let them enjoy and live through our music.

The song ‘My Land’ is about the love for our land and our people. It urges people to be proud and to appreciate the beautiful inheritance and scenery of our land.