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Vecülü Rhakho

Vecülü Rhakho is a young and aspiring musician hailing from Dimapur, Nagaland. She views music as a career and not just any escape. She is very passionate about music, and from very early stage, she was determined to carve a niche for herself as a musician. And while, she may be new in the professional music scene today, she has been performing in different events.

Born to God fearing parents and growing up in a Christian environment, she has developed deep rooted Christian values and principles. It is no surprise therefore, inspired by her faith, she mostly writes and sings Christian songs

She is pursuing music from School Of Music, Dimapur. Side by side, she work as a piano instructor in the same institute. She is a gospel singer artist making her debut single in the realm of music with her song titled “The Story I Know”. With a rendition of EDM, the song offer a soft and unadorned yet attractive melody of the artist. The song portrays the unquestionable love of good shepherd, a catchy upbeat chorus. The song was recorded at Nyekha Studio. For successful production of her album, she would like to, especially, thank Jano Nyekha for mentoring her in her musical journey.