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Viho Kin

Viho Kin is from Kohima, hailing from Khuzama village and a student from St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama. Like most of the Sunday School kids, Viho grew up performing in the church aswell and soon singing became his passion. He is presently under the guidance of his music/vocal mentor, Vizho Thakro, a singer/songwriter/conductor/music teacher, who did his bachelor in church music from Singapore.

Apart from being an ardent music lover, Viho Kin is also a good football player who brought many laurels to his college team, club etc. When he was in 10th standard, his interest in singing started rooting after taking a short vocal course from Vizho Thakro. Since then, Viho Kin has been performing in various occasions like weddings, conferences, college events etc.

His debut single, ‘My home’ composed by Vizho Thakro and Viho Kin, talks about how home feels like with the presence of true love and promises in someone.

-Recorded at Tribes Studio