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Virie & Zaza

Virie and Zaza, both of whom had solo recordings before the duo’s foundation. Virie became a household name when her cover of Lorde’s hit single, ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ went viral and her debut single featuring Polar Lights “Silver Lining Skies” bagged her the “Best Collaboration of the Year” in the first ever Indihut Music Awards last year and also the “Best Rock Song” award at Music Awards of Nagaland. And Zaza who has worked and featured with prominent artists such as Big Deal, Xtacy-Sash and MC Zing and with the release of her hit single “A Li’l Taste” which bagged her the “Best Pop Song” award at the Music Awards of Nagaland.


Virie and Zaza met in the year 2015 and it was an instant attachment when they found out they had a common interest in music. They started off by trying a few gigs together and seeing that they complimented each other they started with cover songs.


The song “Down That Road” featuring Temjen Jamir on the guitars is their first original together. Besides being the guitarist of the famed band Polar Lights Temjen Jamir is also a sound engineer and the owner of Jam Studio 11. The talented duo plans to do more originals and covers as well to keep their fans entertained.