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Yellow Beacon

Yellow Beacon is a four-piece indie grunge rock outfit based out of Dimapur, Nagaland.

The band started when singer/songwriter Imna Tzudir met Yanger, the basist at the annual college function. Fueled by a mutual interest and respect in music, the two began writing songs. The two was soon joined by two Ben’s, the drummer and the guitarist in early November of 2016, which gave birth to the Yellow Beacon. After the four combined, driven by the love of funk and alternative music, they started working on making music. They deeply rely on making music based on the present scenario.

The band started performing at college functions and entering into contests in and out of Nagaland. The band went on to win EKARIKTHIN, Rockville Contest 2017, NIT Dimapur Nagaland.

Yellow Beacon’s music talks a lot about sufferings, the struggles that they go through, the hardships we face, but in the end it’s all about standing up and facing it with courage and strength. There will be ups and downs in life but in the end it’s just a matter of courage to stand and fight back.

“When nothing can stop this world from its hatred and wars, we believe music can”

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