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Zonimong Imchen

Zonimong Imchen at 17 years of age became a household name with his beatboxing skills and being the co-founder of the newest trending entertainment sub-culture group in town, Nagaland Beatbox Community. The young talent emerged among the Top 8 beatboxers in India at the first national India Beatbox Championship 2016. Hailing from from Kohima, Nagaland, he developed a taste for EDM music at an early age of twelve.

Though not formally trained, he loves producing EDM music with his latest single ‘Squaffle’ scoring big time with an addictive hook dropping in to a perfect dance track which is set to hit dance floors and workout sessions full power.

Beside beatboxing, young Zonimong also enjoys playing the basketball and video blogging which are uploaded on his youtube channel – Nagaland Beatbox Community.