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Genre Pop

Zuchobeni – Most Promising Artist of 2015 is one of the youngest upcoming stars to be featured on indihut.

Deeply passionate about music at a very young age, Zuchobeni learnt that she could use music to cast beautiful magical spells around her and help people heal their wounded hearts and turn frowns into smileys. She would often watch people perform on stage, then later go back home and re-enact the scene by holding on to a torchlight like it were a microphone and sing her heart out. These fun times with her imaginative role play and pop star fancies soon turned out to be her stepping stone to help her discover her talent in music.


When Zuchobeni was just a 6 year old girl, she stood up on stage to sing in front of hundreds of people. That was the day when she vividly remembers people queuing up to encourage her to continue singing and ever since, she hasn’t stopped mesmerizing people with her enchanting voice. Zuchobeni has come a long way performing in every platform she got the opportunity to; from churches to social gatherings to music concerts and events.


Zuchobeni never had any formal vocal classes, nor was she ever tutored. All that she needed was her passion and zeal to engross herself and let the sound of music sweep her away into a space of discovering her creative, artistic ability to write and compose songs which was recorded at Clef Ensemble, Kohima and finally released her debut single on indihut.