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Ambush – 9MM

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Ambush – Bleeding Anglong

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Ambush is a four piece protest rap metal band from Diphu, Karbi Anglong. Formed in 2015, their song is basically about the unacceptable things happening  in the region.

Ambush’s main aim is to represent the voice of the voiceless, a revolution against the atrocities like fake encounters, communal clashes, bandh culture, rapes, corrupt governments,their lies and false promises.

With Amarjeet Bey on the guitar (classical guitar student under Trinity college, London, Grade 5) Jitu Tokbi on bass, Sarmon Teron on drums (former fellow Kreecher) and Risim Rongpi on the vocals, this band refer to their music as Political Hip-Hop as most of their lyrics are politically influenced. Risim Rongpi AKA Hustle Recho is an anthropologist, rapper and a former VJ in NE HiFi and HiT7.

One can feel a unique sophisticated vibe in their song containing heavy metal instrumentation fused with politically charged rap. Only few months old, Ambush was also featured in MTV Indies Rhythm8, the largest Indie stage



Their first single “Bleeding Anglong”  which means bleeding hills is about how the beautiful and once peaceful Karbi Anglong is now turning into ”Bleeding Anglong” by the corrupt leaders and system leading to starvation, murders, rapes and total annihilation.Bleeding Anglong is Mixed and recorded by Kevi Pucho at Element Indie Studio, Dimapur, Nagaland, produced by Sarphumang Tokbi and the cover art is designed by Sinlo Kemp.

Their second brand new single ‘9mm’ is another politically charged number raising voice against killing of innocent people and bandh culture in Karbi Anglong, as the line goes ”one day this 9mm and Karbi Anglong bandh shall bury us all”

      Ambush-9MM - AMBUSH

Find the lyrics for their third hit single ‘Mama’s Little Boy’ down below :

1986 mom was diagnosed with cancer
She was sent to hospital
Where chemo was the answer
Lately I was told
Brain tumour was the anchor
As her life clock ticked
I know it would inflict
All I could remember now was
I was in my father’s arm
Attending mom’s funeral
Wish that was a bad dream
But hey that was real
Raised by a single father
Here comes the rebel to sing his rebel song.


With a cause

Thong Nokbe avi do Lang
Chingrum ra chesong lo nang
[Thong Nokbe’s blood still run through our veins
Let’s unite and fight together]

2019 and am still chasing my dream mom
Wish you are around to watch me sing my protest song
I promise you mom I’ll fight against all the wrongs with my song
Cus my words are strong
I rebel against racism
I rebel against greed
I rebel against corruption
I rebel against crime
I rebel against taxation
I rebel against extortion
I rebel against robbery
Let me sing my rebel song

With a cause

Chorus Repeat

Mic check
Mic check

Am a rebel against racism
Am a rebel against your greed
Am a rebel against corruption
Am a rebel against your politics
Am a rebel against communal hatred
I rebel so I exist

With a cause

(Chorus Repeat)