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Atto is from Kohima in the state of Nagaland. His dad being a pastor, Atto grew up in a church environment and there is no doubt that he developed his deep love for singing an early age from his dad and the people he was surrounded with.


Atto is a Naga Orpheus Hunt finalist 2015, erstwhile known as Naga Idol. Apart from singing gospel songs, he follows and sings the pop genre of music.

The song “Beautiful” is his debut original song.

His single “Hold on” is about truth and honesty where he expresses his feelings before the world of being a simple man. He sings about his love-life, the desire and longingness of one true love where he wishes to hold on forever.

-Recording studio- Clef & Assemble
Music by- John and Thejaseno

The third single “Oh Nagami” sung in Sumi-Naga dialect calls for unity among Nagas. The music video laments that despite so many bloodshed’s and sacrifices peace and unity still remains a distant dream. The song says that the only way forward is to forgive the past mistakes of each other,reconcile and unite among different naga tribes. For nothing can stop us when we are united. Towards the end of the song, it calls upon the Naga leaders to lead the young and upcoming Naga generations for a better future and for better Nagaland.

Composed and written by Atto.
Record and edited- Clef Ensemble kohima.