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Chingmei Shükshuhü Phom

Chingmei Shükshuhü Phom, originally from Yongnyah Hongnyü village, was born and brought in a Christian family. His parents and siblings have been very supportive in the music career that he chose and he look up to them as his biggest strength.

Chingmei is currently pursuing his training course in vocal, keyboard and drums under the mentorship of Manen Jamir at “Hills Praise Music Academy’, Dimapur.

Deeply passionate about singing, he gave up his studies to take up music as a profession. Despite being an amateur in the field of music, he has composed numerous songs nevertheless the song “Real Men Don’t Rape” is his debut single.

His foray into music because of bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and Christian rock bands like Petra, Stryper, and Bride. He also loved listening to local artists such as Methaneilie Jütakhrie, Incipit, Purple Fusion, Tetseo Sisters, Jano Nyekha, Mengu Soukhrie, Divine Connection, Toxic Peace, UDX, Alobo Naga and Tali Angh.

His debut single “Real Men Don’t Rape” is based on the social milieu, mainly portraying the parameters of the present scenario towards womenfolk. This act perpetually convulsed and induced him to write the song.

His second single, “Shuphang Kü Mon Ngang-ei Veishi” recorded at Vintage Records Studio, Dimapur is a song in his native dialect (Phom Naga). His passion and love for music and the prevailing scenario in society inspired him to come up with the song. Through the song, he wants to convey a message that no matter what the world says or talks about, just be deaf to the world and focus on God and have faith in God alone.

Here is the lyrical translation of the song:

Shuphang Kü Mon Ngang-ei Veishi
(Looking upon that Cross)

In this decaying generation
Have no courage, to tell the truth, and kindness
Terror men among men,
What they are gonna say or do?
Oh where will I be?

But I’m afraid of nothing,
because God is with me
He is my strength and my shield

Even if the violent storm comes,
Though the world hates me,
Oh I’ll walk with my God.
Looking upon that Cross,
Sunrise till sunset
I will proclaim His gospel far and wide.

For I face many trials and tribulations
Conflict between good and evil.
The enemies are too strong
They try to mislead me and kill me,
I’m being surrounded by its forces.

But I’m afraid of nothing,
because God is with me
He is my strength and my shield


He said be strong and courageous
Then I’ll win that battle.