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Dieze Sothu

Genre : Acoustic Pop

Diezelhou Sothu is one young enthusiastic singer and science graduate from St. Joseph’s college Jakhama.

He has a love for all sorts of music, although he doesn’t have any formal training on music apart from a couple of chords on the guitar which he learned during his highschool, he says that’s how he writes and composes music.

“Writing and composing is something that I really love and I hope someday I can help dreamers like me achieve their goals.”, is what the young singer has to say.

The song ‘Worth It’ was written and composed by himself. It is about a guy loving a girl so hard in spiteĀ of all the ill words and bad comments the people around have to say about the girl, trying hard to proof that love is the answer to all their doubts and trying his best to prove that she is worth it and she is worth the love.

-Recorded at Infinite Records, Kohima.

-Engineered by Moyuchen Yanthan.