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Extremist is a band formed in 2015 comprising of 4 members. For the love and passion for music, all the members met in Delhi far away from home and since then they have never turned back following their dreams. The name Extremist is all about the hardships and struggle that were gone through by each individual, living under same circumstances. The band has played many shows trying to reach out to people and also setting an example for the younger generation to pick up the musical instrument to keep the anthem of rock music alive without the influence of drugs. Here are some individual highlights of the band members

Felix Valui the guitarist of the band won the best instrumentalist in Lucknow in 2010. He is the topper of Trinity College London 2014 (rock & pop). He has finished his grade 8 in guitar from Rockschool london, and is a Guitar Teacher in Theme Music Institute. He is the founding member of the band.
Shansophy Jajo who is the vocalist of the band has been performing with lots of various artist and has years of experience as a performer. She has also been crowned as best vocalist in North-East youth festival. Bassist Shimrei Chiphang was once a member of the band called ‘The Zeal’. He has done many shows with various Artist and has also done a single called “Your Love”. He is the Chief Engineer of the band who does all the technical work. Mashunmung Khaiyar who is the drummer is a very versatile member of the band. He can play all the instruments with ease. He is also the backing vocalist for the band.