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Hailinator (stylized as HailinatoR) hailing from Dimapur, Nagaland is a rock band formed in August 2018. The word ‘Hailinator’ as per the band’s context means exalting a supreme being who is above all creatures. Young musicians from different background came up with the formation of the band. The motive behind the band is to spread love and give hope and peace through their songs and music.

The band line-up consists of Impang Jamir and Jongpongtemsü Longkumer on the vocals, Ayok Lkr on the guitars, Hamong on the bass, Henmei Phom on the drum. The band has its musical influences in various genres from pop to heavy metal.

The band’s debut single ‘For a Reason’ depicts the presence of evil within the society where innocent youngsters are trapped under the cage of hatred and shame and are desperately raising their voices to break from it and longing for the alarm of freedom and justice to ring.

The song “Stranger in my Heart” recorded at Basement Studio, Dimapur talks about the pain one undergoes after being fallen apart from someone so dear. The good times and memories which can’t be erased are knocking the door which keeps on haunting deep within. The lines, “the sky’s mourning, the darkness creeping. It hurts knowing you’re gone”, reflects how unpleasant and anguish moments one is going through. Despite the tears and pain, one decides to move on with the journey of life.