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Hailinator (stylized as HailinatoR) was formed in August of 2018, hailing from Dimapur, Nagaland. As per the band’s context, Hailinator means, “exalting a supreme being who’s above all creatures”. The band line up consists of Impang Jamir and Jongpongtemsu Longkumer on Vocals, Kongphe L Khiam on Drums, Eyete N Kapfo on Guitar and Kikameren on Keys. The band has its musical influences from different musical genres and styles. The motive behind the band is to spread love and give people hope and peace through their songs and music.

The band’s debut single ‘For a Reason’ depicts the presence of evil within the society where innocent youngsters are trapped under the cage of hatred and shame and are desperately raising their voices to break from it and longing for the alarm of freedom and justice to ring.

The song “Lady Valentina” expresses ones deep emotions of love. In life, everyone deserves to love and be loved. Love is something that makes life worth living as it gives pure meaningful purpose of life. Spread love and create a room for peace as every moment counts.