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Imcha Imchen


Imcha Imchen (born on October 31, 1997) is one aspiring singer/songwriter/producer from Nagaland. Imcha Imchen became known as a member of the Gospel pop band “Imchen Brothers”. The Group first released their Gospel debut album on 2010 at an early age with the help and guidance from their dad who is a pastor and a musician. The album went out to be a commercial success in Nagaland which was later aired in local channels.

Inspired by artist like Charlie Puth, Lauv, Jake Miller and Bruno Mars. Imcha imchen has also been producing music for over a year now, while he also is pursuing his career study in Audio Engineering and Music production in Bangalore.

‘By My Side’ is a mix Pop & R&B genre, featuring “Jay King” a renowned rapper from Shillong.The song was mixed and produced by himself and mastered by Abhishek Chanda (Beats sensation, Bangalore).

Imcha Imchen has also released a single “The Love letter” which is available only on iTunes, Wynk, Hungama, Jio music…

The song is a mixture of English and Ao(Naga) expressing his love in two languages, written and composed with help from his mom.

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