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Kenei Kerhuo


Kenei Kerhuo is a kohima based musician who started playing guitar at the age of 7 years. Musicians like Mozart, Bethoveen, JS Bach, Yanni, Led Zepellin, YJ Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Joe Satraini are some of his most inspiring musicians.

Kenei Kerhuo plays a variety of genre like classical, neo-classical, rock, instrumental rock, blues, rock blues and soul music as well.

Apart from playing the 6 string electric guitar which is his main instrument, Kenei also plays classical guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, electric bass and acoustic drum.

The Music ‘ The Amazing Grace ‘ was composed and arranged by Kenei Kerhuo in 2015 and recorded at cleff ensemble in 2018.
‘The Amazing Grace’ was extracted intially from the hymn song ‘ Amazing Grace ‘. This music expresses the Love and the Grace of God.