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Lindi Nienu

Lindi Nienu is a singer-songwriter, he writes songs based on his own personal experiences with the belief that people will relate to it and be at ease through his music. After completing his Masters from Delhi, Lindi has been fully focusing on his music. He would rather be at the recording studio than anywhere else. He like to surround himself with like-minded individuals and people who are goal-oriented.

This is what Lindi has to say about his music, “This is actually my first fully composed song, although I always record bits and pieces in my phone when it comes to me right there and then, lest I forget. ‘Chasing The New’ is a song of all the emotional experiences I had been through during my college years and until my Masters where I gained clarity on life in general. With God’s grace there will be more songs coming up soon.”

His second single “Cold Rainy Night” is a continuation to his previous single “Chasing the New”. It is a hopeful song about looking forward to new seasons with courage and no sadness or nostalgia for the bygone seasons. He says, “A strain in my thought bothers me which is that, if a loved one were to leave me for good, could I ever get over it and move on like I did with the gone seasons”.